Academic Essay Writing – Detailed guide to follow

Do you want to become an academic essay writer? Are you looking to start your career in an essay writing services company? Do you want your clients (students) to specifically ask for your essays when they visit the website? If you have answered yes to one or all of these questions, you have come to the right place.  If you have just got into the academic essay writing field, this guide will help you master this art, and become one of the most sought-after writers in this field.

Students look for expertise, professionalism, rich & relevant content, accuracy, grammatical correctness and on-time delivery when they look for essay writing help online. The only way you can cater to these requirements and earn a name for yourself in this field is by honing your academic essay-writing skills. Given below is an 8-step guide you have to keep in mind, whenever you start writing academic essays on any topic. This will increase your credibility in this field. More credibility would only mean more money for you!

  1. Understanding requirements regarding the language and style

The best essay writing service provider is one that hires a team of professional writers that exactly understands the requirements of the clients. If you want to become a successful academic essay writer, you should ask yourself these questions before you proceed to the topic and research the same:

  • What type of language should be used in the essay? (Formal or informal)
  • Can you give your personal opinions in the essay, or should it be based on facts only?
  • Does the essay require the use of many technical jargons?
  • What are the instructions regarding the use of first person, second person, or third person in the essay?

Once you get these basic questions out of the way, you know exactly what is expected from you. You can then refer to already published academic essays in that particular discipline to draw inspiration for your own work.



  1. Knowing what type of essay to write

If you want to get hired into the team of expert writers of the best essay writing website, you should have in-depth knowledge of the common types of academic essays that students are required to write. Each type requires your points to be expressed in a different style.

  • Descriptive essays – These are quite simple, and expect you to describe, report or identify something. Though they don’t require a lot of creativity, they have to be as informative as possible.
  • Analytical essays – Here, you should get into comparing and analyzing various types of data. You should then put your comparisons and evaluations in a proper structure to write your essay.
  • Persuasive essays – Here, you have to describe something and also give your opinion about the same. You should convince the readers why your opinion is right. These essays will require a lot of research, and you should include a lot of numbers and recent facts in your work.
  • Critical essays – Here, you have to write about why you disagree with something, and present enough data to back your words.

You have to carefully go through the instructions from your client to know what type of essay is expected of you. This will help you plan and structure it well.

  1. Planning your essay properly

The best essay writing services are those that have a talented pool of incredible and reliable writers. Do you want to join that team, and help improve your clients’ grades? The key to this is planning your academic essays well. Once you know about the topic, type of essay and general instructions pertaining to the same, you can do the following:

  • Keep reading enough source material about the topic and devise a plan in your head
  • Keep noting down points as you read to make different drafts, before you decide on the final draft to be submitted
  • Think about the keywords of the essay, and brainstorm ideas for the same
  • Draw mind maps, flow charts and other simple pictorial representations to present your data better
  • Revisit your notes and diagrams to plan the outline of the essay
  • Discuss your ideas with other writers to get their feedback

As you follow these, you will get enough pointers to work on, while developing your essay. Once the basic plan is present in your head or on paper, it becomes easy to put a structure to it.

  1. Putting your essay into a proper structure

The structure of any essay can be broken down into three main parts – introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction should be self-explanatory, and it should be simple. The readers should know what they are going to read about as soon as they read your introduction.

The body of your essay can have different structures based on the type of essay you are required to write. For example, a descriptive essay may only contain headings and sub-headings, while an analytical essay should contain tables and diagrams to show comparisons and evaluations.

The conclusion should be a brief summary of your introduction and body. You can end it in different ways, based on the type of essay. A persuasive essay can end with you reiterating your personal opinion or view about something you have spoken about in detail, in the body of the essay. A descriptive essay could just be a summary of your report, without any bias.

  1. Checking your essay for errors

Have you wondered why students look for “buy essay online”, or “buy cheap essay online” when they are given some academic essay-related assignments? It is because they want their essays to look professional and error-free.  They know that their own essays can never be as accurate as the essays written by expert writers

So, as a professional academic essay writer, it is only natural that you prove your trustworthiness to your clients by giving them perfect essays. Use some system-inbuilt tools to check the grammar, spelling and other errors in your essays. Revisit your essays as many times as possible to check for these errors, as they can reflect you in a very poor light among your clients. Get your essays checked by others to be sure that they can go to the next stage.

  1. Getting your essay edited and proofread

Most of the reputed paper writing websites are well-equipped with an entire team of writers, proofreaders and editors. This way, the essay is checked multiple times before it reaches the client finally. The editing team ensures that your ideas flow freely in a good structure, while the proofreading team checks for grammar and spelling issues, if any.

  1. Running plagiarism checks

If you want to become a trustworthy paper writing help to your clients, you have to ensure that you provide them with 100% plagiarism-free reports every single time. Plagiarism is a very critical issue, and when you are found copying content from another source, you lose your credibility within seconds. Students look for genuine essays with engaging content when they pay for professional essay writers to do their work.

Paraphrase and revise a particular content in your own words to avoid the plagiarism-related issue. However, if you want to quote something from a particular source, you can definitely do so, by giving the related reference link near the data. This way, you are acknowledging you have picked up that fact from that reference. If your vocabulary, thinking skills, comprehension capabilities and writing styles are above par, you shouldn’t have any problems paraphrasing a particular idea and writing it in your own words.

Some tips to become a successful academic essay writer

  • Spending enough time and effort to know what is expected of you
  • Asking the right questions to your clients to confirm your understanding
  • Planning the essay’s structure and outline properly in line with what is expected from you (describe, criticize, compare, evaluate, debate, etc.)
  • Reading popular academic essays in the discipline that you have been assigned (science, humanities, medicine, law, etc.) to know the style and language used there
  • Being well aware of all the popular citation styles used commonly in academic essays, as this will help you cite the resources and links to back your content
  • Being patient, as it takes some time for your clients to recommend you to potential ones
  • Showing 100% commitment to the essay, in terms of research and adherence to deadlines

Bottom Line

Academic essay writing is a vast field, indeed. It is a lot different from writing generic essays, because academic essays require more research, facts, numbers and analysis to support your content. To be a successful academic essay writer, you should be well aware of the latest information in your discipline. There may be many academic essay writers today, but you should always strive to be one step ahead of them by upgrading your skills to write engaging and unique content to woo your target audiences. After all, nothing can make you more successful than the quality of your content, isn’t it?

Academic Essay Writing – Detailed guide to follow
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